Schüschke solutions made of Varicor® are installed not only in buildings but also even above the clouds and on rails and roads. We produce intelligent solutions for all kinds of applications. Whether wash basins, counters, kitchen countertops and many more – our product stock is as versatile as our customers’ requests.


For many years we have been able to fascinate designers, airlines and aircraft companies with our innovative product solutions, in particular in the field of “cabin interiors”. We construct and manufacture on the highest quality level in order to meet the requirements of sanitary facilities in airplanes when it comes to usage of space, functionality, ergonomics, convenience and design.

The continuous development and model maintenance of our products ensure the maximum convenience with the highest possible efficiency. Our products are certified for aviation according to

DIN EN 9100:2009
EASA 145

It is not surprising that we are proud to be the sole supplier for the A320, 330 and 380 family.

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Washbasin and more

Our know-how is more than only the production of washbasin. We offer turnkey solutions around the theme sanitary and hygiene. If tiles made out of Varicor®, potpourri-plates with refined geometry of opening or extensions for the continuance of the top plate – our design department helps.

Rail and road

We also consequently realize the high quality standards of aviation on the ground. We produce product solutions for railway vehicles and expedition vehicles according to the requirements of aviation.