VARICOR® is a copolymer-bonded solid surface material and consists of a simple raw material formula: the natural mineral filler aluminum hydroxide and bonded synthetic resins.The resin components we use are suitable for realizing a wide variety of product solutions and requirements. VARICOR® is also particularly suitable for areas of application where hygiene and food compatibility are required in a special way.

The process know-how lies in a sophisticated metering and processing system for these two basic materials. The material, which is initially liquid during production, can be shaped into almost any desired form and easily processed further after curing.

VARICOR® is available in a wide range of colors and decors. In addition, special decors can be produced at any time at the customer's individual request in our own laboratory.

World of colors - Color development

VARICOR® offers various alternatives to set colorful, imaginative and individual accents - of course we also implement your individual corporate identity.

In the standard program, we offer an extensive color palette of uni decors, granular decors and aquarell decors.

But also your desired color - no matter whether solid color or structure decor - is possible!

Material properties


Various requirements call for diverse solutions. The material is characterised by individual processing options.


Our material offers a visually and haptically unique surface. It feels silky and warm.


Damage due to moistness, mould or rot is excluded. Liquids have no chance to enter the material. Thus, Varicor® products are mainly suitable for sanitary facilities.


The material surface is resistant to dirt and stains. It is hygienic and food safe.


Our material is characterized by extremely high durability. Varicor® is especially resistant to punches and shocks. Mechanically caused damage is removable at any time without leaving traces. This is both sustainable and efficient.


Common cleaning agents and disinfectants harm neither the look nor the properties of the material.


Varicor® meets the requirements of fire classification B1 (German standard) and is thus suitable for facilities where special fire safety precautions have to be adhered to.