Varicor® is a polymer-bound solid surface. It consists of the natural mineral filler aluminium hydroxide and bonded artificial resins. The used resin components make the material what it is: unmistakable and unsurpassed when it comes to the realization of various projects.

The great advantage of the solid surface is that it is liquid at first. Therefore, almost any shape can be moulded. After hardening, we process the material according to the customer’s requests and requirements.

Properties of Varicor


Various requirements call for diverse solutions. The material is characterised by individual processing options.


Our material offers a visually and haptically unique surface. It feels silky and warm.


Damage due to moistness, mould or rot is excluded. Liquids have no chance to enter the material. Thus, Varicor® products are mainly suitable for sanitary facilities.


The material surface is resistant to dirt and stains. It is hygienic and food safe.


Our material is characterized by extremely high durability. Varicor® is especially resistant to punches and shocks. Mechanically caused damage is removable at any time without leaving traces. This is both sustainable and efficient.


Common cleaning agents and disinfectants harm neither the look nor the properties of the material.


Varicor® meets the requirements of fire classification B1 (German standard) and is thus suitable for facilities where special fire safety precautions have to be adhered to.


Varicor® is processed with carbide-tipped tools as known from the field of wood processing. The possibility to deform the material when it is warm offers a unique chance to accomplish even three-dimensional tasks. The seamless adhesion furthermore allows for the production of objects in large dimensions. The Varicor® repair kit allows for the compensation of possible damages without affecting the functioning.

With the Colorline system we can realize letterings, logos and designs. The colour Ice creates more space for design: unique objects can be realized via millings and illumination.


At Schüschke, QUALITY is written with a capital Q. The high standards and complex requirements of our customers require the highest possible quality. This applies to our development, planning and production stages. Being a manufacturer certified according to DIN EN 9100: 2009, we guarantee outstanding quality of our products and services.



Our solid surface Varicor® is available in many colour variants. Whether plain or bicoloured, you are welcome to give free rein to your imagination. We are happy to realize individual special requests.



Varicor® is a very durable, massive and homogenous material that does not require much maintenance. Even being in use for many years will not cause much harm. Possible signs of wear and tear can be removed by using the option of refinishing


Product range

Varicor® sheets are offered in different thicknesses. You are free to choose from a multitude of moulded parts. Depending on the intended use, the solutions are almost unlimited. Individual developments are a challenge we are happy to take.